Jupiter in Velvet

Jupiter in Velvet


Caught somewhere between the realms of Electro-Dance, Psychedelic and New Wave rock, self-prescribed ‘musical alchemist’ JUPITER IN VELVET has returned to the forefront with a brand new single!

Hot off the heels of the recently-released ‘What Will Be Will Be’, the 80s-inspired enigma adopts a more pensive, reflective approach with ‘Let Your Tears Flow’, combining light, dreamy verses with a punchy chorus section to create a dynamic and exciting journey of musicianship.


Inspired by a broad range of acts including Little Richard, The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones, Black Keys and Prince, Jupiter’s genre-hopping music is nigh-on impossible to “pigeonhole” into a single category, painting a unique landscape of different time periods and rock genres. This is perhaps one of the most attractive qualities of Jupiter’s music, but the distorted rhythm guitars and soaring solos of ‘Let Your Tears Flow’ will undoubtedly conjure feelings of familiarity among fans of classic rock tracks from the 70s and 80s.

The second of a short series of single releases from Jupiter In Velvet, ‘Let Your Tears Flow’ is available to stream on Spotify now. The track features on the artist’s latest EP release, ‘Beautiful Weird’, which dropped recently and is available to purchase on Amazon.

Of the lyrical inspiration behind ‘Let Your Tears Flow’, Jupiter refers to a saying attributed to Indian spiritualist master Meher Baba:
“Bring forth that which is inside of you and it will save you. If you fail to bring forth that which is inside of you, it will destroy you.”
With a lyrical prowess akin to the late David Bowie, Jupiter invites the listener to ‘Let Your Tears Flow’, and perhaps – in a positive twist – to bring forth negative emotions in order to overcome them.
Jupiter In Velvet’s ‘Let Your Tears Flow’ is available to stream and download now via his latest EP release, ‘Beautiful Weird’. Jupiter will release more singles in the coming weeks, and you can discover more about the artist via his official website.



A musician nearly all of his life, Jupiter learnt to play the drums aged 9, and began playing gigs with his first band at just 10 years old. In his teens, he taught himself to play guitar, keyboard and singing, and began his songwriting development. His professional music career slowed down as attended college.

During his first semester working on his PhD in finance, Jupiter stumbled into a chance trip to South Africa where he had an epiphany; Life was too short to place money in front of happiness and to not go after one’s dreams. Upon his return, Jupiter quit school and moved to LA, where he went on to play and tour for many years with a string of bands as lead guitarist and singer, including Big Mic & the Metallic Marauders, Zuzu’s Petals, Woolton Parrish and 2MorroW EvR AfteR.

Jupiter moved to the UK in 2011 to remake himself and to merge his vast musical influences and interests to create something new, compelling and uplifting. And thus, Jupiter In Velvet was born, releasing his debut album, ‘Screaming The Love Behind The Scars’ (2012)  to much critical acclaim.

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