Jon Of Mars

Jon of Mars
Songs from Nowhere – Out April 20th
Release: 20 April 2023

As a concept band, the lyrics are from the point of view of an alien trapped in a small town in the USA during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They’re inspired by the strange things and weird behaviors vocalist/guitarist Barrett Holcomb witnessed from his friends and family during that time, personal experiences from the impersonal view of something that doesn’t understand the culture. In the single, the alien has accessed the internet and is now experiencing the internet culture for the first time and all of the worst things that people become on the internet. Holcomb details the importance of the track:

“This was the song that started the band, it was the first part of the project Jordan Karg (drums/keys) approached me with, it was finished in 4 weeks and really got us in the groove for the next few songs. It’s about internet culture and the dangers of not having self-love, or trying to become what you see on the internet.”

The album is set to release on April 20th, 2023 via Holcomb Records, and will blast listeners into space with smooth rhythms that will occasionally catch people off guard. All of the music on this was written by throwing dice and using number systems found in nature, like the kind that dictate how trees grow branches. It is recommended for fans of Fear Factory, Korn, and Down.

Track Listing:

  1. Soultest – 1:21
  2. A Respite! – 4:31
  3. MisinformedNation – 3:40
  4. Azag’s Fable – 3:55
  5. Mister Blue – 4:44
  6. Inhumane Tragedy – 3:35
  7. Ghosts – 5:34

Length is 27:22

Album Lineup:

Barrett Holcomb – Vocals and Guitar
Wendall Holmes – Bass Guitar
Jordan Karg – Drums and Keys

Jon Of Mars – A Respite!

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