Johnny Hart and the Mess

Johnny Hart and the Mess

johnny hart and the mess

The brainchild of Johnny Hart, “Something Like This” is the debut record of Johnny Hart and the Mess. Johnny, an established musician who has shared the stage with the likes of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Fitz and the Tantrums, Black 47, and Led Zeppelin (no, not really Zeppelin, but that would be pretty cool). He has performed across the country from NYC to Cleveland, to all over Western New York and even as far as Galway, Ireland.

Johnny’s background is indeed unique. Having started taking piano lessons with his grandmother when he was only four, there was an immediate recognition made that this is where Johnny belonged. Piano lead to years of musical curiosity that turned into Johnny also picking up, the accordion, mandolin, whistle, bagpipes, guitar, some drums, some bass and more over the years. Johnny has played in a wide variety of bands, including punk, celtic, rock, blues and classic rock. He has played a variety of styles of music with a variety of people ranging from 14-68 years old.

Now elaborating on his own ideas and developing them to their fullest, Johnny is encountering some unique differences in this album compared to albums in past. Instead of focusing on a specific “genre” of music, Johnny focuses on what’s real to him. His influences range from rock to pop to hip hop to metal to jazz to blues to ska to celtic to dance to bluegrass and any other “genre” you can think of. The word genre is simply a label, a label used to categorize a collection of sounds with other collections of sounds. To someone who truly loves music, there is no such thing as genres, there is just variety, the spice of life. So to say Johnny likes one specific genre of music, would probably not settle well with him. The only genre Johnny seems to recognize is “alternative”, why you ask? He thinks that is where record labels put all the bands they don’t know how to categorize or market. They are just a pool of misfits out on their own, and to him, those are the best bands out there.

“Something Like This” The album is real, the album is genuine, the album depicts life and not the fairy tail version. It’s not trying to be anything other than the mess it is. It appeals to audiences of all kinds, whether you’re a dancer, or a boot stomping rocker, this album has something for everyone. Johnny is so proud of it. He loves music. Plain and simple. He loves all music, so it only made sense to him to elaborate on all his passions and all his influences and cluster them together in “Something Like This”. “Something Like This” is the first album to include the current band format.

Johnny Hart and the Mess – I’m Gone

Johnny Hart and the Mess – Waking Up Next to You

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