Joe Gellene

Joe Gellene

I’ve been playing music most of my life. I was in a couple of bands in college but put it aside for a few years. Now I’m trying to get 20 years of songs, riffs and bits out of my head.

Joe Gellene


Joe Gellene – Awakening


I set out to lighten my playing style by learning the Lydian mode. I created a piano backing track to practice against, plugged in my guitar, and played the opening lead note-for-note the first time through; I guess it had been developing subconsciously as I worked with the piano. I listened back and immediately got sidetracked with developing additional sections, finalizing the arrangement, and producing Awakening.

I’m going to avoid getting overly dramatic about why I named it Awakening but to bookend the idea: the first section reminds me of waking up, stretching and getting started; while in the final section, you’re making your way down the road to whatever adventure awaits.

Joe Gellene – Soar


The basis of this song came about on a very long flight. From the beginning I always got that feeling of taking off and it seems an appropriate theme for my first release.

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