Joe Black

Joe Black

Joe Black has poured the concrete for Charlie Farren’s Balloon and Black’s other main group, Ball ‘n’ Chain, for decades now, keeping the foundation for some of Boston’s best hard rock.
On Armageddon, the single from the first Joe Black solo disc, the bassist gives the fans what John Entwistle, Bill Wyman and Paul McCartney initiated years before, another musical perspective from the guiding rhythmic hand of the band.
“It only takes a few bad apples/to burn it to the ground” gives you a sense of the dire warnings in “Armageddon.” Starting off with early Jethro Tull-esque guitar strums the song explodes into power chords till the bleak, apocalyptic threat is revealed. Produced by Black and his Ball ‘n’ Chain guitarist/engineer, Aart Knyff the musicians on the CD single are: vocalist Jeffrey Baker, guitarist Johnny Press, drummer/keyboards Dave Pontbriand and Kenny Kalayjian (from Balloon) on mandolins. Joe Black is on bass on these two compositions.
“Love Goes on Forever” begins with magical jazz inspired flavorings, think Pat Metheny meets Rush, outer space ACHR (Adult Contemporary Hard Rock) with absolutely lovely guitar phrasings from Press and an exquisite hook that comes cascading in. “Just like you and me/ beautiful indeed. Green mountains and blue seas, beautiful indeed.”

Joe Black’s Blackenstein – Armageddon

Joe Black’s Blackenstein – Blackenstein

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