Jimena Arroyo

Jimena Arroyo

Jimena Arroyo is a multi-genre singer-songwriter and published children’s book writer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the past few years, she has collaborated with many musicians, composers and producers from all over the world and her music is being played on radio stations worldwide. 

From an early age, she has shown a talent for inventing her own songs and stories, so much so that she used to make up her own nursery rhymes at kindergarten and, at the age of 8, she wrote her first song in English, her second language. She has performed live since the age of 16 in bars, theaters, holiday resorts and some local TV shows in her country while studying at university. 

After graduating as an English-Spanish Sworn Translator, she kept pursuing her passion: writing, and while working for an illustrators’ studio called Duendes del Sur, she had several children’s books published. But it was writing music that really drove her, so she started composing songs with very talented musicians all over the world she met through the social network SoundCloud. She thinks teamwork brings the best sound and final product one can aspire to. That is why, with Jonnie Cook (from Chicago, USA) she is known as Excorde (an alternative rock band) and with Torbjørn Vagle (from Norway), she writes pop/rock songs and ballads. But she loves composing music of other genres as well, such as EDM, pop, country and adult oriented rock. 

Her dream is to establish herself as a recognized composer for the TV & movie insdustry as well as a songwriter for other artists and bands.

Jimena Arroyo & Torbjorn Vagle – Live To Regret

Jimena Arroyo & Torbjorn Vagle – Blue Moon

Jimena Arroyo & Torbjorn Vagle – Without You

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