Sad Faces – EP Release

Release: 4 March 2022

After the successful single “Dropping Like Flies,” which played on CBC Radio, Kingston’s grunge-psych trio, JIMBO, is ready to release their third EP, A Sad Faces—which stands alone as a snapshot and reflection of the dark times we face through the eyes of a generation destined to experience it.

The title “A Sad Faces,” may seem like a strange title, but to anyone who has been diagnosed or experienced depression, it’s an unwieldy reminder. “A Sad Faces” is in fact a mnemonic for the symptoms of depression/anxiety.

JIMBO separates themselves from the pack with music and lyrics that are unsettling yet

infectious.”We don’t believe a lot of our contemporaries or other bands our age are tackling the themes we are, JIMBO says.

The EP is not outwardly only about depression, but it tiptoes around its symptoms with a heavy rock accompanying lyrics about society’s triumphs and downfalls.

For example, “Looking Down” talks about procrastination and complacency in doing nothing. The track is almost progressive rock with the instrumental interlude being a whirlwind of riffs with a Tool-esque repetitive bassline.

“Big Kids” is probably, lyrically, the simplest song to grasp on too, about childhood misfortunes finding their way back into adult life. It transitions nicely into the previously-released “Dropping Like Flies,” a trebly grunge rock about the state of today’s bright minds.

“Perennial” is a reprieve from the onslaught of heavily distorted guitar, lyrically about the changing seasons and how it can influence one’s psyche. The psychedelic outro jam of this track conveys the chemistry between the three musicians as well.

To end the A Sad Faces EP is the trippy soundscape burner, “Personal Injury At Track Level,” a reference to the language used to describe a suicide on Toronto’s subway system. It leaves the EP on a sombre note of reflection, just as JIMBO intended.

Artist Bio

Born out of a music audition at a Queens University music club, JIMBO has been creating music since 2018. Though they formed at a college, they knew they wanted to be the antithesis of a college rock band.

“We didn’t want to just get drunk and play “Mr. Brightside” every night. We wanted to play the music that we had written ourselves, that was unique, and was darker and deeper than what was already happening.”

JIMBO is dedicated to continuing to stand out from other acts in the scene through their musicianship, style, and songwriting. They are influenced by a wide array of prog, grunge, psych rock, post-rock, etc.

“Just hands, guitars, drums, mental illness, and angst. As the devil intended.”

Song Credits
Song written by: JIMBO (Alex Van Der Heyden, Joe Narducci and Jacob Tessier)
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by: Mike Cassels and Alex Van Der Heyden
Performed by: JIMBO
Distribution: Distrokid

JIMBO – Big Kids

JIMBO – Foxy Methoxy

JIMBO – Grey Skies

JIMBO – Mamawawa

JIMBO – Each Into the Other

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