We are a 5 peice band from Gettysburg/Hanover area. Working on Original music. Blues, outlaw country, americana, classic music and covers with a twist. 
Each member brings his own style to the band, which conveys the musicianship of this band. Combined talent of well over 100 years of experience. Members of the band have worked with many bands in the past.
What we are focusing on is the future and what we as a band of teammates can bring to our audiences. We value the music and the song. When the song sounds good we have done our job as musicians.
Come give us a listen. You will be entertained as we strive to keep Live Music Alive!
Thanks from all of us !

Live Dates

Sat 19:00 ESTby Jewelweed Band
Gettysburg, PA, United States
Sat 20:40 ESTby Jewelweed Band
Gettysburg, PA, United States
Fri 21:00 ESTby Jewelweed Band
Mechanicsburg, PA, United States
Sat 19:00 EDTby Jewelweed Band
Biglerville, PA, United States

Jewelweed – Westward

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Band location – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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