Jets To Zurich Interview

Jets To Zurich Interview

Interview with Dale from Jets To Zurich and Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: Tell us about how the band came together.

We’ve all known eachother for years, all of us went to school together and just stayed in touch and one day the stars aligned and we pushed forward with the idea to form a band, there was one or two early incarnations before we settled with Jets to Zurich.


PD: You have had quite a bit of success abroad how did that come about?

By sending a ton of emails and just trying to network ourselves to the max. We’ve been lucky that some really cool people have liked the band and helped us out with airplay, reviews and generally pushing the band right around the world.


PD: How did it feel to make Number 1 on the QBS Alternative Chart and how did you celebrate?

It was all very surreal to be honest! We had had a hit with an earlier single that actually peaked at Number 2 in a race for Christmas number one the year before so we knew that in Qatar we must have been on to something but it’s still a strange feeling when it happens. Especially as in the UK it was like nothing had happened. Truthfully I think we just celebrated with a beer at the next gig we had. It was all unbelievable and something we’ll always be grateful for.


PD: Who is the band’s main writer?

Generally Dale (vocals/guitar) comes up with the main body of a song and then the whole band adds its own touches to the song to make it complete.


PD: Did you find certain doors were easier to open after the success of ‘The Downward Spiral’ and the great reception for the album Harmonics?

Difficult question, we’d have to say yes and no. Lots of very cool things happened as a result of the Qatar chart success. We got to appear in the press and even do a live session for Media Wales. Harmonics and it’s lead single ‘Delorean’ also did very well on the Amazon chart breaking the Top 20 Alt Rock chart. So mostly it was a brilliant time. There were still difficulties and battles to be heard but we were and still are very happy.


PD: Have you ever had a gig go completely wrong?

Oh yes. Many. Some far worse than others. In fact we could write a book about our experiences both the good and the bad.


PD: What’s the best thing about being in Jets to Zurich?

Getting the chance to be creative and have an audience for what we create and being able to do so in the company of great friends.


PD: Has there ever been a moment of realisation that hey! we can do this! we’re gonna actually do this?

Depends on what the ‘it’ is. And what somebodies version of making it is. When momentmum is on your side and people care it’s a wonderful feeling that can really push you on.


PD: Tell us about today’s set.

It’s going to be a loud shot of energy for a sleepy Saturday afternoon. Big choruses, big noise.


PD: What are the plans for the future?

We have one more show on the 26th October at The Moon, Cardiff then we will be entering the writing room to work on our next album. Expect the first sounds from that to see the light of day early next year.


PD: Any advice for up and coming bands out there?

Never have a set idea on what success looks like, think outside the box to get noticed. Don’t be afraid to fail. No risk no reward.

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