Jets to Zurich

Jets to Zurich

Jets to Zurich

Jets to Zurich are an Alternative Rock band from South Wales. Over the last 6 years they have been giving the world their own brand of distorted rock that has reached audiences throughout the UK, USA, Middle East and Australia.

Among the band’s achievements they have become the ONLY band from Wales to secure two number singles on the QBS Alternative Rock Chart with ‘The Downward Spiral’ in particular enjoying great success on route to the number one slot back in 2010 (beating Arctic Monkeys in the process).

Having played with the likes of Nine Black Alps, Johnny Foreigner, Winnebago Deal, Fighting With Wire among others the band have built up a strong following and a reputation for giving a great live show. Following the success of singles such as ‘Delorean’ and the album ‘Harmonics’ the band entered a period of upheavel that so the abandonment of planned second album ‘Monuments’ and their subsequent decision to enter an ‘hiatus’. Following a rest of two years the band are back working on a new album and releasing the special compilation ‘Timelines’ on the 25th August!

‘Broody verses and high-flying choruses give way to a starburst of lead guitar before it all comes back, that sizzling monster of a guitar riff cycles some more as it all tears headlong into a finale where this high register guitar sounds like a siren call to arms, the rhythm guitar and rhythm section lay the final crushing blow and it’s over – leaving you wide-eyed, jaw-dropped and wanting just one thing – to play it all again’ – Andy Gee’s review of ‘Delorean’

‘Buzzkiller, with definite traces of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden this song is a perfect starter and is arguably the best song on the album. Tracks such as Overdriver and Around the Sun encompass the vocal melodies of early Nirvana but with a more melodic and indier feel.’ –

‘as for the whole song itself, despite it’s quite raw guitars and the grungey vocals, it’s rather cheerful. I’m not sure whether it’s the chorus or the simple yet sweet riffs, but something about it made me feel happy every time I listened to it.’ – Temp Available’s review of ‘Vertigo Red’ 9/10

‘The heavy riff and driving rhythm of opener ‘Buzzkiller’, for example, give the song a stoner rock feel that goes well with Dale Hawkins’s singing.’ – Rob Sleigh @ Room

“Jets to Zurich are a band with a great raw energy that produce a cool grungy rock sort of sound” –

“Overdriver, an awesome song with a great beat and heavy, distorted sound that is sure to satisfy any headbangers that turn up.” –

Dale Hawkins – Vocals/Guitars
Shea Jones – Drums
Simon Hawkins – Bass
James Carey – Guitars/Keys

Jets to Zurich – Roots

Jets to Zurich – Delorean

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Band location – Aberdare/Cardiff Wales

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