Jerry Hull – Celebrate in the Sunshine

Jerry Hull – Celebrate in the Sunshine

  1. Celebrate in the Sunshine
  2. The Last Time
  3. Buffalo Man
  4. The Playground
  5. Internet Radio Star
  6. Sirius Effigy Beyond Odyssey (Movement in a-Minor 6th)
  7. Tally Ho Missus Bigglesworth
  8. The Witching Hour
  9. Wished I Were Younger
  10. You’re so Tragic
  11. Missing You Again
  12. No One Little Girl
  13. Heart of Gold
  14. Take You Back to Heaven (Back to 1977)
  15. Punky I Love You

Jerry Hull is a singer, pianist, songwriter, and arranger, from Memphis Tennessee-based in Hull UK. He has just released his 5th album of original songs with the stunning Celebrate In The Sunshine’. The album contains 15 tracks of impressionable song-writing containing experiential and dramatically creative story-telling all set to a clever backdrop of intricate arrangement and instrumentation accompanied by soaring emotionally charged vocals both in thematic raw and energetic nitty gritty bluesy or rock and roll moments as well as soft Bacharach style sentimentally felt smooth jazz and pop moments.

I was fortunate to be able to listen to the album and share my thoughts on it. I have also included a selection of the official track descriptions as quotes.

The album opens with the title track ‘Celebrate in the Sunshine’ This track is just wonderful, very optimistic and heavily influenced in sound by early Elton John.


Celebrate In The Sunshine : Tells a story of optimism telling the listener there is always a brighter day despite the dark moments which life often brings.  60’s ish style rock pop groove with hints of blues and southern rock.


‘The album flows magically as we are taking from track to track, story to story. Jerry Hull knows how to draw you in. There are some lovely delicate touches throughout and also some serious messages being delivered. Tracks like ‘The Witching Hour’ and ‘Internet Radio Star’ reveal the rockier side of Jerry, whereas  ‘Buffalo Man’ oozes Steinman inspired Meat Loaf, This album has it all.

Buffalo Man: Americana tale of the Black Hills of Dakota in 1848 and Jerry’s own concept of what life must have been like then as he tells it through the view of the character’s eyes.



The album has its share of the softer side of music as well,  with ‘Heart of Gold’  and the reminiscent ‘The Playground’. We discover a certain sadness in memory. There is even the very stylish ‘Sirius Effigy Beyond Odyssey (Movement in a-Minor 6th)’ to please the more classical favoured ear.

The Playground: heartfelt ballad of a true story of Jerry’s revisit to his childhood elementary school playground



The albums closing number is the heartfelt ‘Punky I Love You’, a song about loss and the realisation of such a loss. This is a well written tribute that many listeners will be able to relate to.

Heart Of Gold: pop Bacharach style piece romantic heart felt and touching ballad telling the story of praises and adoration to a very much loved person.



With ‘Celebrate in the Sunshine’ Jerry Hull has given us a collection of songs that cover many genres of the musical catalogue. You can clearly hear Jerry’s influences being given that ‘Jerry Hull treatment’. It is an album that finds Jerry Hull at his most creative and it is an album that you should make the time to digest.

Pete Devine Pete’s Rock News and Views September 2017

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  1. Loved the review, I’ve listened to the album and think it’s wonderful…LOVE the title track Celebrate in the Sunshine…carry on rocking Jerry Hull!

  2. Really great insightful piece on Jerry’s new work. You’re right his songs have a way of drawing you in whether for rock party fun or a somber moment of reflection or a history story! LOVE IT! Rock on Jerry!

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