Jeff Workman

Jeff Workman

2012 the name “Dirty Water Revival” struck home and Jeff wasn’t sure why.
2013 while writing and touring the U.S. as a solo acoustic artist Jeff figured out what that term meant and why it struck home.
“All my life I have hid a major part of who I am. I have spent so many years playing music and feeling at home on the stage but off stage was a different story.Based on mostly media and society I portrayed a life that I “thought” people want me to be.
On June 8th in Charleston, WV things came to me while I was standing in the shower watching my life wash away down the drain. An old life, a life I no longer wanted to live, a life that I “thought’ others wanted me to live. I watched 47 years of dirt, grime, and lies wash away from me like a baptism. The next day I performed a solo show at West Virginia Pride. For the first time ever I was simply being me on stage with a guitar and singing the songs I had written over the years.” ~ Jeff Workman

2014 The release of the solo album “Dirty Water Revival”

2018 The Band, Dirty Water Revival” was born!

Jeff Workman – I Want You to Want Me


Jeff Workman – You’re the One That I Want

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