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Jartse Tuominen

Jartse Tuominen

Finnish guitar wizard, Jartse Tuominen is an exceptionally talented Finnish musician, ingenious composer and a producer with devotion and style. His band, Jartse Tuominen Group, is formed of the best Finnish musicians. Jartse´s music is instrumental rock with a jazzy flavor. “How to describe his music? Let´s assume that Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, Al Di Meola, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Billy Sheehan and Jaco Pastorius were in the audience at a Jartse Tuominen gig. They would certainly recognize aspects of their own music, but they would not be able to keep their butts on the bench.” (Guitar Nine News)

Jartse Tuominen released his fifth solo album “Untold Stories” in Europe, USA, Canada & Japan on spring 2016. Time to Go single climbed to #1 on Hit-tracks Top100 chart in Netherlands for two weeks and the album has been on playlists on many international radios. Untold Stories has been nominated as “Top Albums of the year 2016” in Germany.

Many music magazines have named Jartse as one of the Best Guitarists our time. Gibson guitars and Mesa/Boogie amps have also noticed his passion and talent and made endorsement deals with him. Jartse has made five solo albums so far. He has also worked on over 100 CD’s as a musician, composer or producer. He has also made music for movies, TV-programs and commercials. Two of his soundtracks have reached gold record status.

Jartse Tuominen Group is formed of the very best Finnish musicians; Anssi Nykänen (No.1 session & live drummer in Finland), Harri Rantanen (bs) & Pekka Siistonen (kb). On tour 2016-2017 Jartse performs with Rami Eskelinen (dr) (Gil Evans, Trio Töykeät, Piirpauke), Jari Heino (bs) & Pekka Siistonen / Okke Komulainen (kb). Jartse recorded few songs to Untold Stories with his brilliant American musician colleagues: drummer Brannen Temple (G3, Robben Ford, Eric Burdon, Lizz Wright, Dixie Chicks) and bassist Steve Bernal.

Jartse’s most famous and successful bands before Jartse Tuominen Group have been Takala Project in the 90´s (progressive rock with jazzy flavor). Indiana, a very popular pop band that had many No. 1 hits in Finland and it participated Eurovision song contest in 1994. Travel Bros, an acoustic duo, which was one of the most popular bands in Finland in the 90´s. Heavy band Outburst in 80´s was one of the first Finnish bands that had fans all over the world. We can’t forget that Jartse played at Salt Lake City Olympic games in 2002 with his band Jartse Tuominen Group as well.

Jartse has performed and toured with top musicians from all over the world (Joe Satriani, Jackson Browne, Doobie Brothers, Status Quo drummer John Coghlan, Augie Meyers and many more).

Jartse founded GTR-tour in Finland in 2005. Ever since, these sold out Tours / Festivals have gathered together finest Finnish guitarists and musicians. GTR-tour is one of the most popular estivals among guitar players in Finland and it is expected to expand in Germany.

Jartse has been doing his career in USA for the past 18 years. The plan for the next years is to make new albums and several tours in USA and Central Europe.

Jartse Tuominen – Untold

Jartse Tuominen – Let Me Go

Jartse Tuominen – Parisienne Walkways

Jartse Tuominen Reviews

 MetalBite Best of 2016! – MetalBite – Heavy Metal Webzine – News:

Rewiev by Metal Bite, USA,December 2016

“Guitar gods come and go… the true ones live forever… or so it’s said.
Enter Jartse Tuominen, a Finnish guitarist that melds prog rock, rock,
metal, blues and jazz into one. Is this the next guitar god? We are
going to find out.”

InMusic / InHard Magazine, Germany, March 2016

“Untold Stories provides the listener with a highly entertaining mix of
fiddly guitar rock, jazz rock and progressive ingredients. Those who
like artists such as Steve Vai and Jeff Beck will definitely like to
listen to this!” 4/5 stars

German Music Newsletter, Germany, March 2016

“Finnish guitarist Jartse Tuominen is definitely “the next thing” the
ultimate star at guitar cosmos!”  9/10 stars

Metal Underground, Austria, March 2016

“King of instrumental fusion! The Finn is one of a kind and his credits
and crown are well-deserved.”

Lords of Metal, Netherlands, March 2016

“Whenever you need a session or studio player and Steve Lukather is not
available, Jartse Tuominen could be your man!”

Tradera, Sweden, 2016

“A guitarist out of the ordinary. A mix of hard rock and fusion, a bit
like getting Al di Meola, Scott Henderson and Steve Vai at the same

Nemesis Rocks, Germany, April 2016

“One of the Best guitarists of our time! Jartse´s guitar work can be
compared to Al di Meola, Steve Vai or Steve Morse…and he definitely
does not need to hide behind them.”

Eclipsed Rock Magazine, Germany, May 2016

“For the fans of Jeff Beck, Steve Lukather and Gary Moore!”

JAZZ-IZ Magazine, USA, May 2016

“Jartse Tuominen has created a new sound and genre that fills the gap
between jazz and rock.”

Väylän Pyörre, Finland, March 2016

“Very impressive guitarplaying. If Carlos Santana is called the Master
of Magnificent melodies, Tuominen definitely deserves the same title.”
4/5 stars 

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