Jartse Tuominen – Time Of Change

Jartse Tuominen – Time Of Change

Studio Album, released in 2005

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Midnight Express (3:11)
2. Seven Seas (6:52)
3. Texas Roots (3:13)
4. Time of Change (5:11)
5. Out There (3:43)
6. One of Those Days (3:37)
7. Weird Timing (4:05)
8. Dreamer (4:13)
9. Love and the Perfect Game (4:02)
10. The Longest Mile (5:43)

Total Time 44:18

Line-up / Musicians

– Jartse Tuominen / guitars
– Anssi Nykänen / drums
– Jukka Kampman / bass
– Pekka Siistonen / keyboards

– Yvonne Charbonneau / vocals 9, 10
– Henry Brun / Percussion on 9
– R B Blackstone / keys on 8


Releases information

Release Date: February 9th, 2005
Catalogue Number: ZENCD 2099

“Time Of Change” was released back in 2005 by Finnish guitar maestro, Jartse Tuominen. The album highlights just how accomplished Jartse is. “Time Of Change” has been described as a masterpiece of melodic jazz rock with elements of prog, space rock, funk, shredding and so much more.

I was very fortunate to get the chance to review this brilliant album.

“Midnight Express” is a great track to open with and it really has the feel of a train thundering through the night. Anssi Nykänen’s drums and Jukka Kampman’s bass drive this amazing opener which has a strong Al Di Meola vibe to it. Jartse plays out of his skin with some jaw dropping shredding.

The beautiful “Seven Seas” with its calming  breaths and sublime guitar work has my mind dancing . I can feel waves of emotion gently take my hand and lead me to a sanctuary of peace as Jartse weaves his magic. You can almost feel the water caress you.

“Texas Roots” has some power, a real gutsy number that oozes Texas blues. A truly rich track where Pekka Siistonen’s Hammond organ attacks Jartse’s lead guitar as the two battle throughout the track, you just don’t know who will win this one……

Title track “Time Of Change” captures Jartse at his most heart warming and tear jerking best. It is a beautiful  mood enhancer that has the listener wrapped up in the emotion that is played to perfection. The way that Jartse can make a guitar say a thousand words never ceases to amaze me. “Time Of Change” is so very sad and yet so very honest.

“Out There” reminds me of the Fripp/Belew  King Crimson Discipline era. The intricate playing juggling up and down the scales is a beauty to behold. Head twirling and wonderful.

Back to the rock now with “One Of Those Days” and a great powering track that has a Steve Lukather solo feel to it. I love the down tempo section and then the way that we all return to the main theme of the track, It’s almost like going out with your mates after not seeing them for a while. Arms around shoulders, smiles on faces…..good to be back.

“Weird Timing”  has it all, Zappaesque guitars, a heavy jazz rock sound, a sexy lead guitar and a Anssi Nykänen drum solo. What more can a guy want?

Relax and sit back in that chair, take a sip of your beer and close your eyes. “Dreamer” is here. Beautiful, romantic, lulling you into a false sense of calm as Jartse takes you on a journey and then just lets rip with the most amazing shredding that leaves you smiling in admiration.

For the final two tracks we are joined by vocalist Yvonne Charbonneau. Yvonne’s gorgeous vocals bring such a new dynamic to the album. The wonderful “Love and the Perfect Game” evokes pictures of a stage full of musicians with huge smiles on their faces, loving what they are playing and enjoying making others happy in their warmth. The track reminds me of the Santana singles of the 90’s.

Final Track “The Longest Mile” is the album’s anthem. It is a track that could easily have been sung by the likes of Dion or Streisand. “The Longest Mile” is so alluring, Yvonne’s vocals and Jartse’s guitar complement each other so magically, you just don’t want this track to end.  

“Time Of Change” does live up to the reputation that it has received from so many critics, it is a Masterpiece, it is an album by an artist at the top of his game. I urge you to seek this one out and enjoy some of the best, emotional and superbly played guitar work you will ever hear. Your ears will love it.

Pete Devine April 2018

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