Black Throne Productions
Release: 17 March 2023

The Toronto, Ontario, based progressive metal outfit JAODAE is gearing up to release the new EP Chimera via Black Throne Records. Following their debut album Cast In Ash, released in 2019, Chimera marks a new chapter as the band strive to enhance and grow both their recorded sound and live presence.

Founded in 2016, JAODAE compose with a diverse musical palate drawing inspiration from multiple genres to bring a distinctive edge to their sound. Their intricate song structures are peppered with soaring melodies and crushing breakdowns. “Porcocane” journeys through melodic ebbs and flows, accompanied with an intense heaviness. In contrast, “Kolumkilli” attacks with immense speed and sharp dissonance in an unrelenting assault before taking an unexpected turn. Distortion dissipates and a vintage-esque guitar flanger leaves a very different tone in its place before emerging out into a smooth, jazz-style progressive segment. It’s a moment of serene amongst the tumult to which it ultimately returns. Spectral voices whisper out of the void prefacing another jazz interlude in “Seas Incarnadine”. Storming straight back into their heavy mode, JAODAE bring an intriguing array of tempos and time signatures in an eclectic collection of textural instrumentation. Vast soundscapes arise from huge chord progressions and tight rhythmic accompaniment.

Chimera is an unapologetic release from JAODAE. From the thunderously heavy to the sophisticated melodies, JAODAE create a dynamic display of their song-writing style and polished production.


Roberto Ercoli (Guitars)
Spencer Robson (Drums)
Nick Brown (Bass)

Jaodae – Porcocane

Jaodae – Supercell

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