James Parr

James Parr

Songwriter and artist James Parr hits us with his latest single “All The Things” from his Cold Front release. Combining indie rock with folk, the track shows depth and emotion. As just one of the 12 tracks on the album, it boasts some confidence in listening to the rest as “All The Things” is quite an excellent example of what to expect from the record, with the exception of a few added hidden gems. 

James Parr has been writing, recording, & performing music for 25 years. 

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, James writes about loss, nostalgia, beginnings & endings, and the winding path of life. With an acoustic foundation, the songs are layered with texture, ambience and atmosphere.

All music and lyrics by James, along with all vocals, instruments, recording, mixing and mastering.

James Parr – All the Things

James Parr – Fireflies

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Artist location – Seattle Washington

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