James Parm

James Parm’s brand new album titled The Art of Waiting explores our relationship to the pain of the past, the anxiety of future, regrets and aspirations, and the indescribable beauty of life that often eludes him. An expose on the feelings of tiredness, weariness, and being stuck under the oppressive force of time.

Album Art by James Frank

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The pensive and melancholic track, “Doing Time,” is a lament on the routine and stagnant repetition of modern life, and struggles with self-control. Our obsession with time creates a stale and tedious prison. Watch + share the official “Doing Time” music video on YouTube now.

 Time is an illusion we have created to ensnare ourselves, forfeiting life for security and predictability, believing that the modern world is a machine which uses us for its will and not the other way around.

 Waiting is the experience of death in slow motion. Since we have converted the action of living to the passive state of waiting, life is less the Art of Living, and more the Art of Waiting.

Let’s live in The Now…

James Parm is a Montreal based songwriter/producer type person. He is writing this in the third person to make it seem like a more legit bio. James’ albums are conceptual in nature and weave his philosophical meanderings into “fun” and maybe strange melodical melancholical chansons. James is always writing new music for reasons which escape him momentarily

*Press photo by Esther Spiegelman

James Parm – Doing Time

James Parm – What Good Is It Now?

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