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James Gelber The Runaway

‘The Runaway’ is the debut original single from James Gelber. It follows his first single, a rock interpretation of Richard Marx’s ‘Right Here Waiting’.

“The song is a about how people feel when they want to run away. Escaping reality because they feel non-existent or invisible to the world around them. I want to let those people know that they are never alone and there is always someone there to keep you sane and to love you no matter what”.

James’ solo releases follow a career in different roles of the music industry. From spending six years as a lead guitarist, touring with the heavy metal band, Hemlock, to working as the lead audio engineer at a studio in Lubbock Texas. He is no stranger to the realms of heavy music. Turning to follow his passion in the hard rock genre, ‘The Runaway’ is an impactful, dynamic single that draws on the heavier genre influences whilst appealing to lovers of rock. A high energy explosion erupts from the track. With heavily distorted guitars and powerful rhythms, the track charges forwarded with an intense momentum. From the catchy chorus hook through to the hard-hitting breakdown, ‘The Runaway’ doesn’t let up.

‘The Runaway’ marks a fantastic beginning for James Gelber as he establishes his sound, and having lit the creative spark, James is already working on his next release.

Gelber started his music career at the young age of 12, learning how to play guitar from his two older brothers William and Ven.  This ignited his passion for music and prompted his pursuit of an all-encompassing musical career: producing, mixing, and live sound as well as learning to play many other instruments including bass, drums, and even piano. 

When in high school he joined his first band playing bass and then later began creating his own original bands. Though most of the music he was playing was heavy/thrash metal, Gelber always had a love and respect for all genres of music. 

After running sound for years at a local venue he began to tour with the Las Vegas based-band Hemlock and toured the world with them for six years on lead guitar and back-up vocals.  Following his departure from Hemlock, he began working more with producing and mixing, eventually managing Studio 19 Recording Studio in Lubbock, TX. 

Finally settling down near Tampa, FL, Gelber challenged himself with creating a rock rendition of Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting.”  This cover is a promising sign of good things to come, showcasing his arranging ability and creative spirit. 

James Gelber – The Runaway

James Gelber – Right Here Waiting

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