Jack Swing

Jack Swing

All in all, Jack Swing began as the product of brainchild Isaiah Ross who, in 2016, found himself at an emotional  low point. While performing in other bands at the time, the songwriter put together and recorded an entire EP on his own with the exception of drums performed by Conner Kaepelewski. A short time later, Ross left for a business trip that would pay for the EP and solidify future plans for Jack Swing. It was during this trip around the country that he began writing the beginnings of what would  be the Supermoon record.  

Upon his return, he quickly recruited good friends Rowdy Kanarek on guitar, Elias Lowe on bass, and Jonathan Lightfoot on drums, and started gigging non stop both locally and even nationally to build a foundation for the band. It was soon after that they stepped into the studio to begin the recording process for Supermoon. 

 Though everyone went in with solid energy and intentions, they band stopped the recording process about halfway through to re-evaluate their sound. 

 With a change of the line up (moving Rowdy the bass) in combination with taking a step back to look in from the outside, the group decided to focus on the songs that shared a similar energy all around. Pure Rock N’ Roll. The formula worked and worked well. Supermoon was well received from the get go gaining the band press and feedback from just about every publication in Pittsburgh. Along with additional press from even larger outlets, the band now has momentum and plan to take it and keep moving forward with fire.

Jack Swing – Monkey Around

Jack Swing Presents Supermoon

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