Jack Beech

Jack Beech – Blue Hour
(Released April 16th 2021)

There comes a time in the career of a lot of producers where they’re no longer content with just making other people’s music sound better. It’s a time that calls for a shift in focus; for a producer to start looking inward, as opposed to outward.

Having spent much of his career so far behind desks for other artists, for London-based multi-instrumentalist Jack Beech, that time came in January 2021 when, having suffered with what turned out to be COVID-19, the lethargy of illness was replaced by a spark of creativity and the foundations for his Noctilucent EP were laid.

Four tracks of delicate strings, emotive piano and subtle, shifting textures that feels as beguiling as it does uplifting, all the while harbouring the elegance of artists such as Federico Albanese and at times, the freneticism of Bonobo. It’s an irresistible combination, one that feels most obvious in the EPs lead single Blue Hour.

“’Blue Hour’ and the Noctilucent project as a whole, are inspired by the euphoria when having full clarity in a perfect moment” explains Beech “I’d like to think it creates an elevated feeling inside anyone who listens, but also inspires listeners to seek experiences which make them feel elevated or complete”.

This sense of elevation could stem from anything: catching a sunrise when still up from the night before; an early morning for a flight or hiking trip – anywhere there’s a sense of anticipation, of expectation, and of euphoria. These feelings are all manifest across ‘Blue Hour’s skittering percussion, woozy synths and  the steadily mounting sense of calm that builds across the track’s three minute run time.

Following on from a year of uncertainty, both physically, mentally and socially, Noctilucent is the antithesis of that uncertainty. Bold, confident and cathartic, it’s the tentative sound of finding peace within yourself, and of embracing life again.

Jack Beech Blue Hour

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