Ivan Tsanov

Ivan Tsanov

Ivan Tsanov is a Bulgarian guitarist and composer, founder and member of ФАНАГОРIA /Fanagoria/ band, in which he plays in the period of 2001-2009. Apart from the band, he has many own instrumental compositions, some of which have been released in limited edition in his first solo album The Power Of Twilight.  He is the author of Bulgarian Football March – Here And Now – a song of FANAGORIA, which was dedicated to the Bulgarian national football team and became a football march of the country.  After the period of FANAGORIA, Ivan Tsanov compiled material for a new instrumental album and simultaneously made songs for subsequent projects. At the beginning of 2018 he finished working on an album to be released under the name Album IV – A Brave New World.


Ivan Tsanov’s instrumental guitar track Race With Devil On Balkan Highway is the first single of his upcoming album A Brave New World. The music of this track is based on a 20 years old idea that is no longer than 4 measures and has remained unfinished throughout the years with no success for this to happen. It is interesting that even with the first notes Ivan immediately has got the feeling of how it will be called (not without the influence of Al Di Meola, of course). But he could not continue it properly and it remained in the background and Ivan was making meantime many other instrumentals and songs, including those of his band FANAGORIA. And so, after 20 years, only for a few weeks he manages to reveal and complete the entire composition.

Race With Devil On Balkan Highway’s release date is Aug 17th but already has a video on YouTube. The story is based on the traffic war on the roads and especially the insane truck driving on the main highways connecting Middle East to West Europe. A drama between a Christian and Muslim truck drivers and the memories of a girl who has lost her beloved person…

The album A Brave New World will consist of 11 instrumental tracks and expected to be released on autumn of 2018. Actually the full name of the album is Album IV – A Brave New World. The characteristic is that it is the second in the chronology of publication, but fourth according to the concept and chronology of writing the compositions.  After the release of Album IV, he will start preparing Album V and VI, and then rewriting and re-releasing Album I – The Power Of Twilight and then Album II and Album III … this is perhaps somewhat familiar…

Ivan Tsanov – Race With Devil On Balkan Highway

Ivan Tsanov – The Great Expectations/Sofia Breathes Festival 2017

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