Invade is a metal project started by me, Anders Jönsson. I have previously played in a local thrash metal band called Thrash AD that ravaged around the Gothenburg area under a ten -year period up to 2004. The reason for this termination was due to dissent within the band and some changes of band members. Music has always been a passion but unfortunately not resulted in anything concrete until 2012. Then I decided that it was time to make something with all the riffs, melodies and ideas that I had collected. When the writing process was finished, I got 13 songs ready to end up on an album. The texts are based on my thoughts, reflections and experiences in the past few years. The album’s title is of course a reflection of that. Now it was time to record, I needed to find musicians who could bring something to the table and enhance the songs. After some searching I found Kevin Talley, whose track record speaks for itself. He had a gap and managed to produce drums that added a new dimension. I’ve always felt that my music requires melodic vocals. Therefore I contacted my two friends from the power metal band Last Kingdom and recorded all the vocal tracks. To obtain something extra I contacted Ignazio Di Salvo and Chris Austen for some guest guitar solos. I found them on the internet after listening to some of their recordings and was very impressed. After suggestion from Kevin the drum mix was done by Mateusz Janiak. The remaining mixing duties were managed by me. Andy La Rocque has subsequently helped with some balancing, analogue glue and mastering. Booklet, cover and logo were designed by Mattias Norén from Progart media.

Invade – Define my vengeance feat. Kevin Talley

Invade – Awaken from the dream

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