Instant Empire

Instant Empire

Indie rock from Denver, CO.

Instant Empire’s sophomore LP, Last of the Lovers, arrives August, 2017.  

Last of the Lovers feels like a natural progression for the band. Sonically, it’s the warmest, most intimate set of songs the band has recorded to date. Thematically, the album is a relatively dark affair. But it’s punctuated, briefly, by moments of light and clarity.

Last of the Lovers is an album which deals with the relentless march of time, but is consumed with finding grace and beauty in life’s tiny moments. It’s at once desolate and dense. It’s an album about friends and lovers drifting away; the distance that grows every day between you and your sun-bleached childhood memories; the emptiness and aftermath of our addictions; the sadness of watching the ones you love die; and the constant struggle against apathy. 

Previous releases from the band garnered comparisons to a number of indie heavyweights, including: The National, Bright Eyes, The Hold Steady and Death Cab For Cutie. 

The band’s discography to-date includes:

  • Last of the Lovers (LP; August, 2017)
  • Lamplight Lost (LP; 2015)
  • Keep Up! (EP; 2013)
  • Heavy Hollow (EP; 2012)
  • Instant Empire (EP; 2011)

Members of the band: 

  • Scotty Saunders (vocals, lyrics)
  • Sean Connaughty (guitar, keys)
  • Lou Kucera (guitar, keys)
  • Jacob Porter (bass)
  • Tristan Kelley (drums)

Instant Empire – Last of the Lovers

Instant Empire – Sunday Best

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