Inner Scream

Inner Scream released new EP

Slovakian Melodic Death Metal band Inner Scream released their new EP «Devolution». The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Vojco at “Home Sick Studios”.

The band is together since 2017 as a result of personal and genre changes in prog-hardrock band called Black Road. After the singer left a band and we stayed as a trio, we have decided to start experimenting with heavier sound and also harder genres like death metal and its core subgenres. We also wanted to change the band name, so our guitarist/singer came with the name Inner Scream. This name should symbolizing the inner fight or protest against the outside elements which are trying to limit us as a persons or suppress our freewill whether it’s political, medial or another manipulation.

In this old-new band grouping we started composing new songs and soon there was the first EP or unofficial album with six songs followed by a few smaller gigs. The second EP was released in 2019 and it contained three new songs. It was again followed by a few smaller concerts in clubs and luckily one bigger gig on Krutofest (metal festival supporting less known bands in Slovakia).

During the global plague we were working on new stuff and the result is the third EP Devolution with three songs.

The band is continuing with composing and playing new material, rehearsing and be ready for an action.

Inner Scream – Devolution

Inner Scream – So Free, So Wild

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