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Inner Call

Inner Call are a four piece contemporary Italian band, fusing pop, rock and classic to create a unique music style with a fresh identity. The band (Lorenzo Nadalin – Vocals, Stefano Danelli – Guitar, Tiziano Ladu – Drums and Pietro Toppani – Bass) launched their debut music video ‘Gravity’ during November 2016, receiving worldwide attention from a number of news outlets.

The ‘Gravity’ music video premiere was picked up by Latin American publication Vents Magazine which then lead to the industry recognized platform Videostatic (run by some of the world’s best producers working with artists such as John legend, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry) following suit. 

Within hours, the band were told ‘Gravity’ had featured on iQiyi – China’s main online TV portal, prompting Vents Magazine to cover the near-viral attention the single launch had received. The successful launch of the debut single ‘Gravity’ had surpassed the wildest expectations of the band. Following the band’s first launch, both the Italian news outlet ANSA and the Journal of Sicily published articles in support of ‘Inner Call’, who are now looking to find a label.

Inner Call – Gravity



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