Built on the ruins of a rotten society, INFERNOTION is the embodiment of resignation and frustration. However, the songs are more than just pure raging grimness combined with decadent stupidity. What you hear is intense emotion, which is generated by having a close look at this sick place where we are living a.k.a. planet earth. But even the music of INFERNOTION is exposed to human abyss. No one can escape. The madness is uncontrollable and all around us. You have to abandon.

The second INFERNOTION album “habits” will be released on 15.12.2017. The Black Metal One-Man-Project of the former Burning Cross member Peisestratos also unveils details about cooperating artists, artwork and tracklist.
Once again MYTHERINE bassist Sven supports INFERNOTION with his 5 string skills.
Kossi, is responsible for the cover artwork of “Habits” – as he was for the debut album “Reborn Into Death”, too.
The tracklist of “Habits” contains 9 songs:
1) Revelation
2) Center of the World
3) Waiting for Nemesis
4) Viscious Wishes
5) Master of Hypocrites
6) Uniform Will
7) Defective Instinct
8) Profit for the Prophet
9) Evil Incarnate
The Pre-Order of the second INFERNOTION album has started via bandcamp. The regular price is 6€. By paying 10€ you get the download and “Habits” as a physical CD.
The song “Center of the World” is the first release from the new INFERNOTION album. Listen and pre-order at:

Infernotion – Habits (teaser)

Infernotion – Dying While Living

Infernotion -Mystic Runes


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