Hybrid Spirits – Mirage EP

We are pleased to announce our 3rd release, the “Mirage” EP. Released this October 31st, it’s yet another change in direction and style, following our ambient album “Astral Whispers” and our alternative “Fear” EP. This time, Voodoo Jade takes the helm as lead vocalist with music which varies from dark to light, at times dramatic.

This new EP features Voodoo Jade on lead vocals, Paul Kirk on guitars, synths and programming , and Nigel Rooke on backing vocals, synths and programming.

Track 1 : “Mirage” : This song combines elements of a gothic stage musical with powerful and dramatic consequences whilst conjouring up stark images of devastation and chaos….in the desert!.

Track 2 : “Mysteria-Hysteria”: Our hommage to horror films inspired by Hammer Horror Films and AHS Roanoke. A dramatic song to get the blood pumping and the heart beating faster, with a few goosebumps along the way. Perfect for Halloween and fans of horror films. Intro spoken by the Late Boris Karloff from the film “Black Sabbath”, Outro spoken by the Late Bela Lugosi from the film “The Black Cat”.

Track 3 : “Rain or Shine”: An uplifting song of hope and sunshine combining powerful electronic music with driving guitars. Written during the Covid-19 pandemic as a song of solidarity and hope. Previously released as a single to raise money for the International Committee of The Red Cross*

Track 4 : “La Vie en Rose et Noire”: Imagine going abroad with your loved one for a city break and all hell breaks loose. An initially happy event which goes wrong. With upbeat electronic music and melodic guitar.

*The song ”Rain or Shine” was released as a charity single on 17 July 2020. If you’re wishing to buy this song in order to contribute to our charitable cause (donations accepted until 30 April 2021), please buy the single version (released on 17 July 2020) and view the information on the Bandcamp link for “Rain or Shine (Charity Single)”, as purchases via this EP do not qualify. Thank you.

The EP was Mixed by Lee Christian for quickfix recordings

All songs arranged, recorded and performed by Hybrid Spirits (Paul Kirk, Nigel Rooke, Voodoo Jade) except for “Rain and Shine”, arrangement byLee Christian for quickfix recordings

The Mirage EP will be available from Bandamp:

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