Single release date: June 24th 2022
Video release date: July 1st 2022

HVIRESS have returned. The electronic queens of goddess-themed deathpop are back with No Exit – a song and music video based on the play by Jean-Paul Sartre. This time the fetish-clad pair are accompanied by Simon Field, who is drowned and degraded throughout each scene, making No Exit a feast for the eyes that would make even the most indifferent viewer hot under the collar. Sonically, the track is a slow, sinister build into a explosive, hook-driven chorus, delivering sulphur-hot vocals from Hana and Mishkin.

No Exit is to be released alongside other iconic artists on the compilation release “This Is Deathpop” on Give/Take records, a boutique record label based in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, specializing in auteur-driven, experimental projects with an electronic approach (host to David J Haskins of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets).

Production and video direction comes from long-term HVIRESS collaborators Garry Mitchell (Birdeatsbaby), Evan Rodaniche (Cage9) and Scott Chalmers.

HVIRESS is the occult, musical love child of Hana Piranha and Mishkin Fitzgerald (Birdeatsbaby). The duo has been fierce friends and writing partners since touring together in 2013, where they found they had more in common than just rock music.

Both came from sheltered religious backgrounds (one Catholic, one Protestant), with a strong focus on discipline and achievement. However, despite their limited exposure to popular culture, both were drawn to rock music as an expression of their inner turmoil. Each found solace in song-writing and in 2014, when Birdeatsbaby’s existing violinist announced her departure from the band, Hana stepped in and she and Mishkin began a musical career together that has gone from strength to strength. The two bands began touring together relentlessly, exploring all the decadences that rock’n’roll can offer. However, in 2016, it all fell apart as the intensity of the lifestyle started to become a problem. It was time to step back and reconsider their priorities, including a reassessment of what had now become a romantic partnership. Heading into their thirties, they were still touring heavily but now with a clearer focus: a sustainable career based on strong song-writing and authenticity. With a newfound interest in spirituality, and most particularly the occult, the pair decided they would combine their energies into a new, dark electronic project, HVIRESS. Embracing, as always, her classical roots, Hana also had a vision for the project founded in the aesthetics and culture of ancient Greek mythology. Mishkin’s fascination with occult practices, combined with an innovative approach to music theory, only added to the band’s unusual and magikal leanings. The pair collaborated with composer and producer Garry Mitchell (Birdeatsbaby) to write their first self-titled EP, mixed by LA songwriter and producer Evan Rodaniche (Cage9). Working with long-time friend and collaborator, Scott Chalmers, master of the macabre, the duo creates visual art that lifts their music to another level. HVIRESS is the result of two strongly-driven women intent on creating music with true purpose.

Hviress – No Exit

Hviress – Golden Apple

Hviress – Arrival

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