Hurricane On Saturn – Interview

PD: Getting started, please explain why did you chose the name “Ηurricane On Saturn”. And what does it mean?

HOS: Maydx: We all immediately liked the name because it’s open to different interpretations.

I won’t give you any of these, it’s very personal and every meaning you find is good. It’s your experience and we don’t want to teach, preach or interfere with it.


PD: Do you believe that being from Italy helping your career?

HOS: Maydx: hahaha helping? Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously, there’s no one at all who is willing to help us, but I can’t blame them. Anybody wouldn’t be able anyway.

You know, Italy it’s not what we would call the country of opportunities for music.

On the other hand we could have been from a Irish countryside, from a Polish wood, from a Greek island; it would have made no difference.

You know, when you come from the middle of fuckin nowhere all the places are the same. If you are not a rich kid from some relevant big city such LA, NYC, London and so on, it’s like you are alone in the desert counting only on your strength and determination.

Make this clear, it’s always been this way. All that I’m saying is that we aren’t advantaged in any way and we are aware that every step we make is worth twice.

Rather than being discouraged, this fuels us!


PD: Tell us about your last full album.

HOS: Maydx: Killing Field was a long mission. All the times have lengthened due to the movement restrictions and it took something like 6-7 months to complete it but we are super satisfied with the final result and this is the only thing that matters. All the struggle and stress will pass but the work will remain. Great credit goes to Evan Rodaniche who has understood very well what we wanted to send to the listeners.


PD: Before you start this band, were you experienced about other bands?

HOS: Maydx: Dakm and I funded an extreme metal band years ago, we also built a nice name and get some satisfaction. We also have been criticized for not being original, just copying famous bands and playing safe.

So we decided to start Hurricane On Saturn and as JFK said, we did it not because it was easy but because it was hard.


PD: What are you musical influences? If you have, of course.

HOS: Maydx: Yes we have. More than we can list. For this reason I always avoid making specific names, it would be inevitably childish and lame.


PD: Regarding your songwriting, tell us about your lyrics. What they are about?

HOS: Maydx: They are about ourselves, about the failed world we are living in and our emotions about it. No elves, fairies and northern gods here. But not even political messages or worse sexy lambo sucka baby baby money ass that are very cool nowadays.

What can I say? For sure people better read the lyrics and draw their own conclusion than trying to understand ‘em by my words.


PD: Where did you record your last single “Outsider”?

HOS: Maydx: We recorded it in our secret lab. We call it Outpost Delta. It’s like the evil stronghold of the villains in the movies but much more untidy. Then we sent everything to Matt Dougherty in Chicago for the mixing.

That’s the best and most importantly the only way to work in this lockdown situation.


PD: Speaking about live performances, do you have any experience?

HOS: Maydx: Not as Hurricane On Saturn, the pandemic is gonna tell you why, but in the past we definitely raised some hell in many places across Europe, UK and US.


PD: What are your releases until now?

HOS: Maydx: We released Killing Field, our debut album, in November 2020 and we just published a brand new single Outsider a few weeks ago. We are a pretty new band so we have more to say about what is coming next. The new single Crumbs is planned for April/May, another one during this summer and for the end of the year the second full length album.


PD: What was different in your past releases compared with the new song “Outsider”?

HOS: Maydx: Not so much really. Outsider and the two coming singles are very close to the songs on Killing Field under many points of view. We are working on something a little more different for our second album.


PD: There are a lot of rock bands in Italy. What is the whole situation?

HOS: Maydx: Yes lots of bands, some even decent, but this can’t be a term of reference to measure the real value of a situation. I mean all the rest is missing.

There are few venues and a small mentality, everyone settles for too little too soon.

There is a great tradition in academic studies but what it lacks is a real infrastructure for real music so rock is treated just like piano-bar or lately like a tv show format.

Things are slightly better for electronic and dance music but the widespread short-term view and cronyism are threatening also that scene.


PD: Do you believe that passion is important about a rock band?

HOS: Maydx: Passion is everything. I’m sure you expected this, didn’t you?

But now let’s define what passion is.

The will to show off is not passion, the pleasure to play an instrument or to sing is not passion, making some money – pfft not even say.

The passion is that burning desire that keeps you awake at night, that physical need to connect to the world, the urge to share your emotions, eager to express your inner self about which even you know so little and when you find someone that understands all this thru your music, well it’s like a drug, man you just want it more and more you are not coming back.

Now tell me you can do that playing in the yet another Queen cover band.


PD: The last lines are yours…Thank you so much for this interview!

HOS: Maydx: Folks, stay stick to us. The second album is going to blast your brain off, I guarantee. Thank you for the space!

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