Hurricane #1

Hurricane #1
Backstage Waiting To Go On
Golden Robot Records
Release: 16 June 2023

HURRICANE #1 release new album ‘Backstage Waiting To Go On‘ on 16th June, out on Golden Robot Records.
‘Backstage Waiting to Go On’ is an album that etches itself into your musical soul with just one listen. Its infectious upbeat attitude and irresistible, catchy choruses make it a perfect companion for any situation. Each track leaves an indelible mark, evoking a sense of nostalgia and fondness.

‘Backstage Waiting to Go On’ stands as a testament to the golden era of Rock ‘n’ Roll, proudly carrying the torch as one of the last great albums of its kind. It builds upon the momentum generated by the first two singles, “Everyone Laughed” and “Awake at 9”, further amplifying the anticipation surrounding the album’s release.

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AWAKE AT 9: The Rolling Stones influenced track but just a little heavier. Every song needs a great intro and this has one of the best simple but very catchy. The vocals growl with not a care in the world raspy and doesn’t care or apologise for being sublime and in your face.
EVERYONE LAUGHED: lyrically it’s the kinks and small faces with an up to date 60,s sound.
DRIVE ALL NIGHT: an upbeat driven guitar song that will blow you away and make you want to drive in any type of weather the sun always shines when this track is played yet again another fantastic chorus.
MAKING TIME: A very much The Jam inspired number with  raw guitars and a heavy upbeat that rolls along nicely this one  is for live shows to make the people bounce. 
OPEN UP YOUR DOOR: an acoustic driven love song with a dreamy feel a touch of California pop surf. 
I WONDER JUST WHY: this could have been on With the Beatles album. The chorus booms out with it’s addictive presence. But a straight through RocknRoll song.
TV BLUES: exactly what it is a rock blues number think the stooges having a brawl with the stones.
SOME NEEDED MORE: the Beatles influenced track with a very catchy Chorus, that reflects the sound of yesteryear. With beautiful chord progressions that will get the listener a addicted.
WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO RIGHT: the sound of  jangly   sunshine 60s pop it’s always summer when this plays.
TONIGHT: jangly heavy edged rock song The Jam meets AC/DC it rolls like a train that isn’t going to stop. With great bluesy rough cut vocals. It’s a very catchy number.

‘Backstage Waiting To Go On’ is one of those albums you only have to play once and you will probably remember every track with great fondness. It really could be the last of the great Rock’n’roll albums…. or maybe should I say, one of the last. 
Its upbeat attitude with catchy overwhelming choruses can be enjoyed in any situation. With so many influences in one album from the Beatles to the Stones to The Stooges, this album could be part of the by-gone days when music was played by real people. It’s a pure and simple Rock’n’roll album.

“Tonight” is available now on all major streaming platforms, followed by the full length album ‘Backstage Waiting to Go On’ on June 16 via Golden Robot Records.

Hurricane #1 – Tonight

Hurricane #1 – Awake At 9

Hurricane #1 – Autopilot Man

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