Human Traces

Human Traces
‘Akt I: Life to die for’
(Death Metal / Progressive Metal)

Release Date: October 28, 2022
FFO: Vildhjarta, Gojira, Reflections

Human traces saw themselves confronted with a career that might have come to a halt, before it could pick up any pace. After months of tight scheduled recording, the former vocalist decided to abandon the project. And with that decision, the debut was postponed indefinitely – At least until a new vocalist could fill in the gap. When Seoul-born Kyuho convinced the band with his unique vocals, he did not only rekindle their ambitions to finish “Chastise Mankind”, but redefined the sound of Human Traces entirely. Shortly after its release, however, the South Korean government forced him to serve his military duty. With Kyuho now stuck in Seoul, without permission to leave the country, the band was facing an all the more devastating blow. Being disconnected spacially, Human Traces saw no other way than to reinvent their creative process entirely.

Human Traces – Also sprach Zarathustra Kapitel 34

Human Traces – Akt 1 Life To Die For (EP teaser)

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