Human Cull

Human Cull

UK grind trio HUMAN CULL unleashes their second full length album Revenant, a brutal follow-up to 2014’s blast exodus Stillborn Nation.

On Revenant, HUMAN CULL pushes their crust-tinged, blast-heavy grind into overdrive, featuring a huge production from Will Blackmon (Gadget, The Arson Project) and furious instrumental performances in the style of FETO-era Napalm Death or Nasum’s Human 2.0.

Songs run between monstrous fleet-fingered, trem-picking blast-fests to open-riffing frantic d-beats, but rarely drop below FAST.  Lyrics are primarily about totalitarianism in a medieval cyberpunk future.  Think of the cover of Assück’s Anticapital and imagine living there: feelings of monochrome horror and anxiety blend with commentary on modern stupidity, terrorism, and propaganda.

Performances are tightly controlled throughout Revenant.   Layered chainsaw guitars and growling bass, underpinned by clean and audible drums, could almost be called clinical if it weren’t for the organic songwriting.  Gritty call and response vocals and crumbling valve-based distortion accentuate the dystopian nightmare that HUMAN CULLcreates.

Furthermore, Revenant clearly displays the band’s crust and death metal influences.  Strong tones inspired by the likes of Entombed, Unleashed, and Obituary are found rubbing shoulders with the angular notes of Discordance Axis and Doom, flowing together in one gribbly monstrosity of a release.

This album is the most polished example of contemporary grind from these veterans of the UK scene.  It will be released Friday, June 1st, 2018 by German label WOOAAARGH.

Pre-order here: humancull

Split Second ExtinctionEP (2012)
Split EP with Homolka (2012)
This Septic Isle Split EP with Oblivionized (2013), WOOAAARGH
Stillborn Nation LP (2014), WOOAAARGH
The Persecuting Society EP (2015), WOOAAARGH
Revenant(2018), WOOAAARGH

Human Cull – Unwelcome Methods

Human Cull – Jackals

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