Hugo’s Will

Do stars whistle? Of course!

Like the high pitch sound that surface plasma generates when it comes in contact with cosmic debris the new single “Star Whistler” from Hugo´s Will is ready to blast you into hyperspace!Hugo´s will be done – on Friday January 29th the second single from Sweden’s finest will arrive.

Let the Countdown Commence:“T minus 13… 8… 5… 3… 1… 1… Liftoff!”-Markus Lindström

In an age of autotune, quantization, doctored performances and lip synchronization Hugo´s Will is ready to make a difference and resist the temptation of technology. It is all too easy to smooth out the edges and make everything perfect and, in the process, erase all evidence of humanity in the music. Like John Bonhams “Squeak King” pedal Hugo´s Will is here to put some grit in the picture-perfect music scene. Honor your mistakes with warts and all!

Their first single “She goes for the throat” is a celebration of Rock ‘n’ Roll at its finest. Take a spoonful of Blues, a pinch of Psychedelia, a dash of Soul, some Punk and a big dose of gasoline fueled Garage Rock and you´ll have Hugo´s Will!

Be there or be square! And by the way, who the hell is Hugo?

Born in the swedish town of Umeå in 2018, the Trio consists of RG, NB and KB which have rocked before in other bands such as Crystal Caravan, Hellbound, Johnny Electric and Moloken amongst others.   

Hugo’s Will – Star Whistler

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