Just a little update for you lovely people, firstly I hope you all had a wicked New Year! and thank you to all the new likers and followers… EP is almost ready, we’re on track at the moment for end of Feb, 2 more tracks to finish between now and then though.
The EP will feature tweaked/improved versions of the songs available at the moment with additional instruments on at least one of the tracks (Goddess – not released yet)…. volume will prob be boosted across the board I should think…
Anyways other than that – New track on its way with a few covers for the channel very soon – subscribe here if you havent already 🙂
– before i go just a reminder we are being played regularly for the next few weeks on ROCK/FM.CA and Radio Wigwam –  if you get the time head over there and give em a like.. they play seriously awesome tunes (obviously) but it would be great to see them get something in return for what theyve done for us and other Independent bands… their cool people and fucking deserve it…

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Hubris – Grey Skies

Hubris – His Love

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