House Handshake

House Handshake

Our story begins with how we met and came to find the connection that we share so easily. In 2016 Quinton Poitras had already brushed by Tanner, and Darrell in a few late night jams or festival outings around Winnipeg but in the spring Sarah Greco and Quinton finally met truly setting things into motion. Quinton, feeling uncertain, soon left to Vancouver to pursue music with a good friend. The two of them kept in touch with each other and soon after he had asked Sarah to come stay with him on the west coast. Here they had the start of getting to know how easily harmony came. As time rolled on Darrell Anderson was facing his own story and had found his best move was to join us in the home we’d created with five other friends.

It didn’t take too long to hear the connection in music between us and we also found connections between Anderson and Poitras’s families histories. We had spent a long time in B.C. searching for like-minded people and opportunities into the music industry but when Darrell joined us it felt as if that was all we needed from the west coast. We found a name, something that felt fitting for us, something we heard in passing but felt it suited our group, House Handshake, as in: we’re all from this house, we’re all here to shake hands and give a hand to help our home, our house, and have fun shaking things up wherever it may be. However you want to spin it, it feels right to us. So it became obvious we needed to come back home with each other and begin this endeavour in a musical career.

In late August of 2017 we packed up our van with all of our instruments, all of our records and most importantly ourselves and drove back to Manitoba. We stayed at Quinton’s father, Todd Poitras’s place in Ladywood for our first months back. On our first night Tanner Link had come to see us, welcoming us back. He came often to jam to hangout, like us he was very laid back and loved the music as much as we did. Again it didn’t take long to see our chemistry. We only had one thing on our mind and that was getting to the city. We buckled down, saved some money, and with a little bit of lucky we found our house. A place to shake.

Living together has been the most amazing thing. Sharing our own stories, our own flaws, our music, our food, our money, our ideas, our goals we’ve created a symbiotic relationship, a community where we can only grow and that’s why we love welcoming people into our house, we’d give them a key if we had enough rooms. We’ve found so many like-minded people, so much love and support in Winnipeg’s music community. Here we found Brennan Saul our drummer, he was working on our demo filling in drums before we even met him at gig we had around the city. He fits in perfectly with some incredible jazz beats. Now we’ve established ourselves in the local music scene. Our first year we’ve played over 40 gigs in and around the city and we are preparing to release our first 4 song EP and we can’t wait to hear it. We have so many exciting ideas for the future and a catalogue of over 50 songs that we can share. We know we have so much to learn about ourselves and about our own music but we feel so lucky to have each other & our community to help us through anything.

House Handshake – Worries

House Handshake – Like A Cigarette

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