HOUNDWOLF is a heavy metal band from Witten (Ruhrgebiet), which has devoted itself to the genre in its original rock’n’roll-driven form. The joy of playing, the songwriting and the authenticity of the statement is always the focus.

The band released their debut EP “Fast and Loose”, produced by Mike Misar (label: M71) on May 05, 2016, which contains three tracks from the upcoming album. The EP rose to the 28th place on the same day on the iTunes Heavy Metal Charts.

The band consists of Milan’s lead vocals and guitars, Tobias Maienschein (Guitars & Backings), Daniel Teuchert (bass & backings) and Thomas Neuhaus (drums). The age range of the four members is between 23 and 27 years. The band succeeded for years in the form of aggressive, fast riffs and groovy hard-rock parts to create songs with an absolute catchy character and drive them to the audience with full conviction.

The quartet’s range of uptempo riffs ranges from catchy choruses and aggressive rock’n’roll to uncompromising Moshparts, delivering everything the Hard’n’Heavy heart desires. However, quieter passages and melodic hard rock ballads also belong to the HOUNDWOLF repertoire. Despite the enormous versatility, the music of the four Wittener comes without any sound samples or backing tracks, but still remains unmistakable. HOUNDWOLF stands for honest and direct heavy metal, which at any time reveals its roots in hard rock and always has a central statement:

!!!!! HAIL ROCK’N’ROLL !!!!!!

Houndwolf – Fast and Loose teaser

Houndwolf – Beware Of The Dog teaser

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