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PD:  How would you describe yourself or your band as an artist?

HoT: Music for me is nothing else than a communication. For this reason I don’t mind doing a rock ballad and a fast angry song within one CD. Simply because I reflect my current state of mind during the songwriting. I don’t write songs if I have nothing to say, that’s why most of the lyrics are either personal or reflect my opinions and are 100% honest. I try to dig deep to the roots of my personality and what I found I try to translate in music.


PD: Can you tell us briefly about your background – i.e. where you’re from, how you came to make music, etc.

HoT: I was born in 1980 in east of Czech Republic, now I live with my family in Germany, Bavaria. Recently I found awesome people, friends / musicians and formed a band We work hard to practice the songs from the “Legends of Kattegat” and “Planets to ashes, stars to dust” albums and want to hit the stages as soon as possible.


PD: Who and what inspires you to make music, both in terms of musical and other influences? What do you like to write about in your songs?

HoT: I like listening to music, mostly rock, hard-rock and metal genres. I love the sound of electric and/or acoustic guitar. Music talks to me in a special way and wakes up sometimes even not yet discovered emotions. The lyrics in my songs are mostly about society, good and bad things, romance. Lot of lyrics are personal, reflecting my life experiences.


PD: What are your aspirations as an artist?

HoT: Have a gig scheduled every few months, hit the stage, have a good time, meet new friends. No matter if we play for 50 or 5000 people, as long as our audience enjoys our music, I would be happy.


PD: What is the proudest moment in your music career so far?

HoT: The recent album and the EP. I wrote most of the lyrics and music. I enjoyed working with other musicians and am looking forward to continue as a band. I am lucky I have found very nice people and talented musicinas that quickly became good friends to me.


PD: Promoting one’s music is such a challenge these days, especially with so many new artists emerging from bedrooms in the day of the home studio. How is that going?

HoT: I talked to a few agencies and had a good experience. I got our “Ghost harbor” song on air-play across the world and got a positive feedback. We continue working on videos so we can also present ourselves visually. It is fun, but yes, also quite a work. Our main focus is to play gigs soon though.


PD: And how do you book and promote your live shows and tours? Any performances coming up?

HoT: As we just formed as a band and before this was basically a one-man project with a few session musicians and friends, we currently work on being able to play gigs and expect a few of them before the winter 2022 hopefully.


PD: What do you think about downloading music online? What about streaming sites like Spotify?

HoT: People talk about ripping off the musicians, however I believe these services offer the possibility to easily spread your music to hundreds of millions people. Spotify for example is not expensive at all and has quite a good service for the artists, including watching the stats, promotions in the playlists etc. In the times before Internet it was not easy to get your music public, now it is. And if a band is successful and finds its audience, they can tour and expect fans all over the world, partially also thanks to the streaming services. So I actually don’t have anything against the streaming services. I think it is also comfortable to have all your favourite bands in the pocket, accessible anywhere and anytime with your smartphone for example.


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

HoT: Currently I enjoy bands like “Villagers of Ioannina city” or “Unto Others”. I think they are amazing songwriters and musicians. To name one song I wish I’d have written, that would be Metallica’s “Outlaw Torn”, it has a great vibe and lyrics.


PD: Is there anything you don’t like about the music industry, which you would change if you could?

HoT: Nowadays there are many copycat bands, meaning lot of musicians don’t write songs that comes from themselves. They rather follow their idols and thus loose the authenticity. Also lot of albums are mixed / mastered quickly and have similar sound due to using guitar plugins or MIDI drums. Which is of course also partially my case as recording in the real studio can et quite pricy, specially when you finance your project yourself 🙂


PD: So, what are you working on at the moment?

HoT: The fresh new band that just formed is working on the live set, get ready for gigs and soon we will work on finding our going and style together, where the most important part is to find a way where each band member has his or her part in the band, as a person and as a creative element of the group. I don’t like bands with one main songwriter, I think the music is stronger if it is a combination of multiple personalities that are surfing the same wave.


PD: Where can we learn more about you and buy your music/merch online?

HoT: Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and many other streaming services. There will be more material coming after the summer 2022, so stay tuned! Thanks and best greets from Hounds of Thyra


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