Hot Sunday Blood – New Ωmega

Hot Sunday Blood – New Ωmega

HOT  SUNDAY BLOOD –  “New Ωmega” (October 2017, Mervilton Records)


  1. Salvation (Omega Into Flash
  2. Salvation (Tears of Absolution)
  3. Salvation (Observed)
  4. Die Free
  5. Rich ‘n Fallen
  6. Troublemaker
  7. Still Broken 
  8. Souleater
  9. Salvation (Waiting to Be Saved)

The album with the enigmatic title “New Omega” is the second full length of the Italian band Hot Sunday Blood. The album is not a new release, but it is definitely a release worth to be reviewed here. Here’s why.

The Italians Hot Sunday Blood have managed to present themselves and their rather personal style in the 9 tracks of “New Omega” which appear modern and fresh (although few years have already passed and in the meantime another album has been released). Their style is a very interesting mixture of metal music with alternative, grunge (see 90’s) and nu metal.

Hot Sunday Blood are a band with great instrument players and they are also working good as a team. They seem to be very hard-working guys and they seem to be very demanding from themselves and their music and all this reflects back in their song’s quality. In “New Omega” you will find a great rhythm section with clever drumming and steady bass lines upon which the guitar riffs and harmonies are laid. The vocals are colorful and attractive with a unique expressive ability.

I am sure that Hot Sunday Blood have many influences from all the aforementioned styles (metal, nu metal, grunge and alternative), but all of them are mixed up to an own style at such a degree which actually makes it pointless to even search for their influences anymore. Their songwriting keeps the interest alive through the whole album and makes sense in every song.

Standout tracks for me would be “Omega into Flesh”, “Observed” and “Troublemaker”. However, the whole album is at a very high and professional level. Last, but not least, the album’s production is rocking out, but in a rather nice, fresh and clear modern way. I suggest you get to listen to the “New Omega” to introduce you to Hot Sunday Blood and I’m pretty sure you will support these guys and go back searching for their back catalogue.

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