Hot Sunday Blood – Kein Licht

Hot Sunday Blood – Kein Licht

HOT SUNDAY BLOOD  – “Kein Licht”
(Snooky Records 17 December 2019)

  1. Habits/Abyss
  2. Kein Licht
  3. No Way Out
  4. The Long Winter’s Embrace
  5. Time Machine
  6. 40 Steps


HOT SUNDAY BLOOD “Kein Licht” (Snooky Records 17 December 2019)

Hot Sunday Blood is a hot name from Italy. They play modern/alternative metal with a quite fresh production.

“Kein Licht” is a concept album dealing with such themes as the darkness and mental sickness of habits and addictions (Habits/Abyss), the sense of being emotionally lost and the struggle to get back (Kein Licht), the failure to change and the sense of feeling captured (No Way Out), the coldness of depression and hopelessness (The Long Winter’s Embrace), the need to go back and build again the future, but better this time (Time Machine), the futility and fragileness of every effort (40 Steps). All very interesting topics.

Apart from the very interesting concept which will be completed in the next release of Hot Sunday Blood, which we are waiting for to be released, in music terms the band delivers a solid alternative/modern metal work with references to the heaviest grunge/alternative moments of Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains mixing it all properly with the heavy rock attitude of Led Zeppelin and some fresh metalcore influences.

The guitars offer some well structured and clever riffs. There is also a variety of acoustic parts with a nice sense of melody. The vocals have a great expressive variety from emotional to totally aggressive depending on what the song or the part of the song needs each time.

What we listened in “Kein Licht” is a very promising work with interesting lyrical approach and passionate performance. “Kein Licht” is a beautifully structured album and we are looking forward to Hot Sunday Blood completing their concept.

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