Hot Pink Hangover

Hot Pink Hangover



So We Started a Crowdfunding Campaign

“We’re about to embark on an uncharted musical journey… We’re releasing a full-length album! 

The “Wasted” trilogy has come to a close, but we still have lots of songs we want to get into your ear holes, so we’re hitting the studio and bundling the fruits of our sessions into one glorious little sonic shit show entitled, Beautiful Freaks. 

Many of you have kindly asked how you can help us out. Since we’re still a small musical start-up, honestly, the most generous thing you could do would be to help us get this project off the ground. We thank you in advance for any tier you choose to support us at, and we can’t wait for you to hear the new songs!”


In an age when it seemed like fun had nearly faded into oblivion…

Hot Pink Hangover appeared on the horizon, vowing to restore sonic balance to the universe by transmitting the sweet sounds of pure ecstasy across this great galaxy and beyond. 

Currently residing in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Hot Pink Hangover is like if Lady Gaga, Han Solo, and Alfred Hitchcock were to meet and have an all night circus orgy, the result of which being a brood that is sexily satirical; a glamorous shit show; a comical and musical little posse of love children. Hot Pink Hangover is kind of like that…

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Hot Pink Hangover – Porno On The Radio

Hot Pink Hangover – Rocketman

Hot Pink Hangover – Deathgrip

Hot Pink Hangover – Bartender

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