Hot Pink Hangover – Wasted In Space EP

Hot Pink Hangover – Wasted In Space EP

  1. Get Rich
  2. Fragile 17
  3. Bartender
  4. Dirty City
  5. Rocket Ship

Currently residing in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Hot Pink Hangover is like if Lady Gaga, Han Solo, and Alfred Hitchcock were to meet and have an all night circus orgy, the result of which being a brood that is sexily satirical; a glamorous shit show; a comical and musical little posse of love children. Hot Pink Hangover is kind of like that…

Following on the (high) heels of their excellent ‘Wasted’ EP we now have the delights of the ‘Wasted In Space’ EP to entertain us. ‘Wasted In Space’ kicks off with the catchy rocker ‘Get Rich’ This track includes the awesome lyrics “If you could open your eyes, darling maybe you’d see how close to perfect I’d be, if I could just get rich” …..classic. ‘Fragile 17’ has a more vulnerable sound to it, almost like reading from a teenagers diary. Fears, dreams and ambitions are dissected and challenged.  ‘Bartender’ has teeth and these teeth are gonna bite, very rebellious and angry. The track is hard and gritty and kicks ass. 

‘Dirty City’ rocks, and is by far my favourite track here, I love the line “it’s hard to stay clean in this dirty city” I think I’ve lived there at some point. The track thumps an anthem with these words and I love it. ‘Rocket Ship’ is back to the fun that Hot Pink Hangover do well, almost reaching Irish Jig territory, you can easily imagine the crowd bouncing to this one, it will be amazing live.

Hot Pink Hangover have done it again. This is an EP that has class from start to finish. It rocks, it parties, it smacks you in the face and screams LISTEN. This band excite me. This band have a great future.

Peter Devine Dec 2017

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