Hailing from the cursed ground of Warsaw, Poland, grind outfit Hostiaprepares to desecrate listeners with their debut self-titled album.  Coming out through Via Nocturna on May 31st, this malevolent creation  features thirteen tracks of anti-Christian, anti-establishment bile spewed at all that is hypocritical in our world.  Songs like “Holy Extortion” and “I Will Never Follow” call out wolves in sheep’s clothing using malicious riffs that belie an undeniable groove and surprisingly listenable production for the genre.

Stream the opening track “Corroded Cross” on Youtube here to steel yourself for Hostia’s upcoming sonic assault.


vocals – St Sixtus 

guitars – St Anacletus 
drums – St Evaristus 
bass – St Xyxtus
Music by HOSTIA 
Lyrics by St Sixtus 
Guitar solo in “Not Really A Christian Song” by St Innocentius 
Recorded in JNS Studio, Warsaw, Poland by Paweł “Janos” Grabowski between nov 2017 and jan 2018 


HOSTIA – Corroded Cross

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