Hoozbah – ‘Do Better’

For fans of: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Aerosmith.

Song Credits
Recorded and mixed by: Ryan Battistuzzi
Mastered by: Ryan Morey
Music by: Hoozbah
Lyrics by: Nazar Klepatskyy
Performed by: Hoozbah


Arriving on the scene (quite literally) in their 1976 GMC Vandura, Hoozbah is an old school Rock ’N’ Roll band that puts a fresh twist on the 70’s vinyls your old man used to spin. Their ultimate dream? To give the people the Rock resurrection they’ve all been waiting for.

Named after Chutzpah, a word that means shameless audacity, Hoozbah always stays true to its essence by delivering an explosive display of style and energy to the stage. In their various and always iconic incarnations, Hoozbah‘s sound is expansive and genre-spanning. A fine blend of Progressive Rock, Jazz and Blues –  A modern yet more than mastered take on the 70’s.

Hoozbah’s journey first began in the summer of 2016 when frontman, Naz, went on an obsessive rampage to find the right members to make his brain child what he knew it could be. That’s when he met Marx Twain- the band’s vivacious bassist and engineer extraordinaire, after witnessing him play topless on his knees at some dingy, Montreal dive bar. But Naz didn’t stop there. Drawing inspirations from the golden age of Rock music, the sound naturally needed a pianist (willing to break the rules, of course) for that extra groove. Thankfully, as history recalls, a British Invasion was the only way to go, which ushered in the arrival of Xander Simmons, a rocket-man on the keys. Now, Hoozbah rocks with new talent. Sam Rae, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and Frank Dion on the swingin’ back beat. The rest is history.

With the line-up now solidified and a few recent releases under their studded cowboy belts, these rockers are ready for the release of their debut album ‘Do Better’ coming out on July 3rd.

‘Do Better’ is the culmination of Hoozbah’s genre-spanning influences and talent coming together in an auditory work of art. The first three tracks are solid rockers that electrify the ears with sounds resemblant of The Clash, while the middle of the album transcends to the lighter, more contemplative side of the band with ‘Beatles-esque’ acoustic styled riffs and softer vocal melodies of mid-seventies rock. The album comes to a conclusion with the song ‘The Statement’, a 9-minute opus that displays the true versatility of what they’re all about. With a combination of grooves making bodies move, hard rocking riffs, tender ballads and an array of different instruments outside of the standard rock genre, Hoozbah is well on their way to claiming the torch from rock legends such as Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.

Get ready, cuz ‘Do Better’ marks the beginning of a new Rock era that revitalizes the sounds of Classic Rock while capturing the zeitgeist of the 21st century.

Hoozbah – Kneel to the Power

Hoozbah – Be My Queen

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