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Formed in 2013, Honor Hall was born inside of a garage in the music-rich suburbs of Seattle, WA. They are comprised of Graham Ransom, James Crosbie, Nate Watkins, and Chris Marino. With influences stemming from multiple generations of rock music, their most notable influences would come from the 90’s Seattle grunge scene. More specifically, Pearl Jam, The Screaming Trees, and Alice in Chains. You can distinctly hear the inspiration in their thick guitar tone, torpid vocals, and exceptional well rounded sound. 
Since their inception, they have been actively performing around the greater Seattle area. However, Graham is the only remaining original member. The others (Torren Arnesen, Chris Dalke, and Justin Elder) have moved on to other ventures. James Crosbie joined the band in 2014, Nate Watkins in 2015, and most recently, Chris Marino in 2016. They released their self-titled debut album “Honor Hall” and released it to a raucous crowd at The Hard Rock Seattle in October of 2016.

As of 2017, Honor Hall is really starting to gain steam in the Seattle music scene. They have performed all over the greater Seattle area at staple venues such as El Corozon, The Funhouse, and The Highline.  They are currently in the process of writing their next album and planning on getting back into the studio this winter. Look for their next album to hit the airwaves in mid-2018. Also, stay up to date with upcoming shows, singles, and news on Twitter and Facebook.

Honor Hall – Blue

Honor Hall – The Close

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