Hollowed Sky – Unstrung – Track by Track

Released on February 26th, 2021–- “Unstrung:” is a collection of Hollowed Sky’s most definitive songs, completely remixed and remastered. The band have always taken pride in self-producing all of their releases. In the months following the release of their last EP, they realized that they could do a much better job.

We are honoured to have caught up with the band at this very busy time, to hear their thoughts on each track of their latest release:

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This was the first song we wrote after recording our debut EP. Though there are a lot of parts and the structure is atypical, it came together rather quickly. The lyrics deal with the struggle of addiction, trying to find your way back to life, and trying  to cut the strings that make us puppets to our addictions.

Hollowed Sky – Strings


Breathing Life into the Sun:

This was the last song we wrote before recording our debut EP, and we feel it further solidified what we would call “our sound.” This song is about trying to find happiness, but being stuck. Asking for advice, and not taking it (mostly because it’s not what you wanted to hear).


Turning Ill:

This song was born of a jam. Since we record all of our band practices, sometimes Steve will go home and use those files to create song structures, and that’s how the initial framework of this song was laid down. We tweaked little bits of the structure here and there for several months until we felt we were done. Vocals and lyrics weren’t really even complete until the recording session, but when it was all said and done, it became one of our favorites. This song is about going crazy thinking about infidelity, having that conversation in your mind that’s driving you mad.



Bleeding Out:

We were really trying to write an epic song with a more traditional structure than we typically incorporate. The goal was to keep it around the 4 minute mark. This one’s about taking responsibilities for your own mistakes. I have destroyed something, and I need to fix it.


Head in the Fence

This one is a barn burner. This was the fourth song we ever wrote, and it started with a series of riffs that were brought to the table on one of our band practice nights. Once we jammed on them for a little while, the rest of the song came together pretty quickly. This is a straight up, pissed off, “f*** you” anthem.


Soviet Red

This is a song that many fans tell us is their favorite. It starts off with a very typical type of song structure, and then branches off into some totally different territory for a while with some instrumental breaks and a heavy double kick section. This song is all about being pushed down by the big guy, the pain and suffering that it brings, and the courage to rise up above it.


This Hell

This song is about a friend of Steve’s that was lost at a young age to a rare form of cancer. A very intense song with a lot of cut-up time signatures and fuzz bass. The song describes a young girl and her internal struggle to deal with what’s happening to her dwindling life, as well as the struggle of those around her.

Earth & Sky

This may be our most “proggy” sounding song, and is one of our favorites to kind of stretch out and experiment with at band practice. The message with this song is primarily about learning to be happy with what you have, because there is always someone out there who has it a whole lot worse.



The final song written for our second EP, the lyrics deal with some of the things Jay has witnessed and experienced while living in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Unfortunately, the city is in shambles. Children aren’t getting a fair shot at life. People are dying for no reason, and the politicians really don’t seem to care.

Hollowed Sky – Baltimore

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