Rockshots Records is proud to announce they will once again be releasing the next recording from Swedish power prog band HOLLOW, lead by Andreas Stoltz (formerly Binary Creed). Entitled “Tower”, the fourth album follows 2019’s “Between Eternities of Darkness”, which marked the band’s return after a 20-year hiatus since unleashing the 1999 album “Architects of The Mind” via Nuclear Blast Records.

Following up the 2019 return after a two-decade hiatus HOLLOW is back with its fourth album, intriguingly called ‘Tower’. Andreas Stoltz comments

“If ‘Between Eternities of Darkness’ was a dark and tragic tale, this one is more uplifting. HOLLOW’s ‘Tower’ emphasizes the possibility of change and of growth, but also each person’s responsibility to make the better choice. These are times when this is more important than ever”

This trademark riff-laden, melodic and accessible album will appeal to fans of intelligent and original heavy metal. For some an acquired taste and for others an immediate recognition.

Featuring 10 tracks, “Tower” is a story album best listened to as a whole, which tells a tale of transformation with its blend of progressive metal/rock, power, melodic death and thrash elements. Andrea Stoltz is accompanied by drummer Stalder Zantos who also appeared on “Between Eternities of Darkness”.

“Working with Stalder Zantos has been a more continuous element in writing the material for Tower than on Between Eternities of Darkness and this has definitely influenced the outcome as has contributed more on this album than on the previous one” adds Stoltz.

On HOLLOW’s “Architect of the Mind” artificial intelligence and creation was the topic, on “Between Eternities of Darkness” parenthood and tragedy and for “Tower” the concept of inner and outer freedom is explored. It’s also about belonging and transcendence and Stoltz hopes these are things that most people can relate to.

“The relating bit is important, since art – regardless of form – is a meeting of emotions and ideas. It needs to find something to resonate within the person who takes part in it. When asked, I find it hard to describe the music, but it’s metal. It has distorted guitars, double bass drums and harks back to bands like Judas Priest and Queensryche. But there is also quite a bit of contemporary metal on “Tower”. Since this is a concept album with the ambition of conveying a story, listening to it as a whole is encouraged. I hope you can find something that resonates with you on it. Hopefully, HOLLOW’s fans will be able to trace today’s music back to Modern Cathedral and Architect of the Mind. I’ve made an effort to keep it as straightforward and simple as possible. I think most fans will have no trouble recognizing it as HOLLOW.” comments Stoltz.

1ST SINGLE – TRACK #2 – The Tower

Stoltz explains the title track in further detail:

“The Tower (the title track of the album) was one of the first songs to be completed and it’s also a great representation of the album as well as HOLLOW’s music. I wanted to write a record that was a bit more uplifting than the previous one and it all fell into place when I realized that Tower (the album) was going to be a kind of fantasy story. But also about inner change. In a sense, we’re all trapped in our towers, ie our minds. This song started the writing process of the whole album.”

“It’s a traditional metal song with some nice riffing and a catchy chorus. The song’s tale is about the protagonist who grows up in seclusion and their contact with the world outside the Tower is limited to their guardian/teacher. adds Stoltz



2nd SINGLE – TRACK #6 – Every Drop Of My Blood

A fast-paced track about social isolation. Stoltz explains further: 

“This one has been re-written a few times before reaching completion. I couldn’t figure out what to do with the vocals on the chorus, to begin with. There’s this simple, straightforward guitar melody that I wanted to keep, but it kind of collided with most of my vocal ideas. But finally, it clicked with the turn-taking of the lead and the backing vocals.”

Watch the video for “Every Drop of My Blood” 



“Tower” is due out November 26th, 2021 via Rockshots Records, and it’s available for preorder: 

CD –

Track Listing:

  1. Birth (3:45)
  2. The Tower (3:25)
  3. Guardian (3:49)
  4. The Waiting Is Over (3:26)
  5. Destroyer of Worlds (3:38)
  6. Every Drop of My Blood (3:58)
  7. Sunrise (3:29)
  8. A Home Forgotten (3:30)
  9. Nation of Man (3:42)
  10. Wander On (3:39)

Album Length: 36:24

Hollow is:

Andreas Stoltz: vocals and guitar
Stalder Zantos: drums

Hollow – Every Drop of My Blood

Hollow – The Tower

Hollow – Transcending Sorrow

Hollow – Shadow God

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Band location – Umeå, Sweden
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