Holding Poison

Holding something poison when you know it isn’t right, leading to reflection to one day feel fine. Redemption and Temptation are feelings we feel when faced with the grip on the bad we always seek a thrill

Holding Poison are a hard rock band. Playing melodic, dynamic, commercialised rock music with thunderous guitar tones thrown in! 

Although They’ve known each other for years, Lockdown 2020 was the kickstart the project needed and the opportunity to finally work on a music project together. Matt found himself thinking of the most productive way to utilise the downtime and decided to bring some of the demos he’d been working on to life. With Jack’s help, this became a reality pretty quickly with the EP taking shape within a matter of a few months. 

Matt Blackwell
Jack Findell

Holding Poison – Tick Tock

Holding Poison – Losing Grip

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