Hoax Paradise

Hoax Paradise

Photo by Alex Cbsi

Hoax Paradise is a French quartet in the service of a direct and uncompromising rock, led by a singer with a nervous and sensual voice. Tinted with broad influences, their indie-rock titles cultivate asperities.

After various singles, titled “Les Garçons”, “Cry Baby” and finally “Sober”, the band has recently unveiled a new EP, titled “Well, Nobody’s Perfect”!

The band is now here to unveil more details about their track “Ground Control” – a song with indie rock influences, which can be found on Deezer’s official playlist “New School of Rock”.

Ground Control carries both a message of revolt and alert against the « Titanic syndrome ». We really wanted a rawer, heavier sound for this one to match the lyrics. So, when Thibaud unleashed this crazy knife-to-the-throat guitar riff during a jam session, we knew right then that it was what the song needed!

There will be a music video for “Ground Control”, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the year to see it! Stay tuned!

Discover the full EP on Spotify:

Hoax Paradise – Sober

Hoax Paradise – Les Garcons (Girls Version)

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