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Lead guitarist, bassist, and singer putting together a hard rock/progressive rock original band and currently auditioning drummers and a second guitarist. We are looking for the right second guitarist who is primarily a rhythm guitarist (very clean and precise) who is comfortable throwing in the occasional lead, and who can write original material or at least collaborate in the process. We have written numerous songs and continue to develop more material. Our plans are to release enough material (20 – 30 tracks) for a double CD on our inaugural effort. We are seasoned musicians from various local bands. We will be doing a few covers that we all agree upon in our shows as well.

Ideal candidates will be non-smokers (tobacco or anything else) – sorry we just do not want to be around it. Must have reliable gear and transportation. Living in Indianapolis or one of the surrounding communities is a major plus as travelling long distances to practice is a real drag. Age not critical but talent and positive attitude a must. Prefer 21 and older since we will be playing bars in addition to festivals and other events.

Looking for musicians who want to be an integral part of the writing process. This is a group project – not someone’s individual ego trip. We have a fair amount of material just waiting for a guitarist and drummer to add their ideas to and hopefully you have the same. Not looking for anyone who already has too much going on in their lives and is looking to add one more thing to it. We don’t mind working with musicians who are involved in other projects, we just don’t want this project to be put in a position of waiting around for someone to figure out what they want.

Contact by email (Hilltop dot Burning at G mail dot com) and start off by telling us about yourself. Please include:

– Your influences
– Present and/or past projects
– What your ideal project would look like
– Where do you want to be musically in a year?
– Any links to videos of bands you were in
– Any links to samples of your playing or music, etc..

If things sound like we are on the same page then we can see about meeting somewhere for a few beers or coffee to see if we can stand to be in the same room together. We are Christians and self-thinking conservatives so if these things bother you in the least then this is not the gig for you. We also want to make sure no one ends up as a lamp shade in someone’s basement and we are fairly confident in assuming you want to make sure none of us is an ax murderer.

Ultimately this project should be run like a business with each member having equal share in the work, promotion, and pay. We would like to start of playing venues a couple of times a month and build a loyal fan base and build the brand. If this sounds like you get in touch via the Bandmix link below

Have secure and conditioned rehearsal space.


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