High Visions

Leeds trio crank up the chaos with skate-punk, post-hardcore crossover

The year is 2021, the planets population slowly awakens from its enforced sedation and the excitement of normality throbs in the hearts of music fans everywhere. Leeds based HIGH VISIONSare breaking their silence with a brand new single, SERENITY GONE, a highly charged celebration of their musical evolution.

Due of the effects of the pandemic, the band produced the track themselves from bedrooms and practice rooms, as well as directing and edited the music video. The finished mix and master comes from Dom Wright from The Ranch Production House (Creeper/Gnarwolves).

Zyggy (bass) talks about the band and the new singles release:
High Visions have always been a band that have strived to break free from boundaries of genre and convention, from when we started playing together half a decade ago until today. For me, ‘Serenity Gone’ feels like a culmination of all the influences we’ve pulled together so far – a ferocious blend of catchy choruses and pummeling guitar work that transcends both the music we’ve made so far and the styles we’ve been known to cross in our music. After a year of silence, we unreservedly feel this is the perfect storm to come back with!

SERENITY GONE is available on all major platforms now, go and experience it at SpotifyApple MusicAmazon and Youtube.

You can watch the video for Serenity Gone right now!

Alex (Drums) breaks down where the High Visions sound and ethos comes from: 
I feel with every release we push ourselves to develop our sound further, bringing in more outside influences and heading in a more interesting, more technical, heavier direction.
To me, Serenity Gone is the epitome of those developments so far, with the hardcore and metal influenced side of the band coming through the strongest it ever has, without losing the catchy hooks or the classic skate punk energy we’re known for. It’s one of our most memorable, concise, hard hitting songs, and I think it’s the perfect track to reintroduce ourselves as we begin to play live shows again!
Elaborating, Louis (Guitar/Vox) describes their roots and how that has affected their sound:
The beauty of the early 00’s skate punk/pop punk era is that the music transcended traditional scenes and became some of the most popular releases of the time. Serenity Gone takes heavy influences from this time, keeping the pop hooks in but pushing the boundaries of how heavy a track of this nature can get.
We wanted to throw the rulebook out not only with genre, but with structure and harmony as well.



About High Visions

Combining bombastic double-time beats, catchy choruses, and introspective lyrics with a DIY attitude and work ethic, High Visions are a hybrid pop-meets-skate punk trio intent on pushing the limits of the genre through memorable, high-energy songs and an unforgettable live presence.
Formed in a nightclub toilet in Leeds by Alex Fell, Louis Flynn, and Zygmund “Zyggy” de Somogyi, the trio combine their backgrounds in Celtic punk, film direction, and contemporary classical composition with their influences from ‘90s skate punk, ‘00s post-hardcore, and ‘10s pop punk and emo to create a unique blend of innovative, blistering punk rock that has dazzled audiences across both the UK and mainland Europe.
Known locally for their no-holds-barred live shows, where singalongs meet screams, and the crowd becomes the stage, High Visions have released three EPs, the latest of which ‘A First Date With Imposter Syndrome’ released in June 2020 on INiT Records to widespread critical acclaim and airplay from Kerrang! Radio. With new music and comeback tours on the horizon, High Visions are the truly modern punk rock trio you never knew you were waiting for


Alex Fell – Drums
Zygmund “Zyggy” de Somogyi – Bass/Vocals
Louis Flynn – Guitar/Vocals

High Visions – Serenity Gone

High Visions – When I’m Dead, Just Throw Me in the Trash

High Visions – Checkpoint Charlie

High Visions – Speakeasy

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